Camelot® Crabapple tree

The Camelot® Crabapple tree, Malus 'Camzam'

Camelot® Crabapple tree, Malus 'Camzam'
Mature Height
10 feet
Mature Spread
8 feet
Soil Type
Widely Adaptable
Widely Adaptable
Mature Form
Growth Rate
Sun Exposure
Full Sun
Flower Color
Single, Fuchsia, Pink on White
Fall Color
Foliage Color

Camelot® Crabapple

Price: 26.95

The Camelot® Crabapple tree, Malus 'Camzam', is a dwarf cultivar that has a rounded shape and thick, leathery, dark green leaves with a touch of burgundy. The flowers are fuchsia-pink on white and produce a rich burgundy colored fruit. The 1/2 inch burgundy fruits ripen in late summer.

Best grown in medium moisture, well-drained, acidic loams in full sun, and it does adapt to a wide range of soils. Prune as needed after flowering, but before June. This crabapple may be planted as a specimen or in small groups. The crabapples mature in the fall and may persist into winter.

The fruit has a medium texture, is very flavorful and may be harvested for jellies. Birds are attracted to the fruit as well. This tree has good disease resistance and no main insect pests.

Crabapples require little pruning once established. In late winter, prune dead, diseased, and broken branches and trim off any sprouts that arise at the base of the tree.


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